How to keep tea fresh

The best way to store the tea is in a cool and dark space like tea cabinet or air tight container I recommend tea cabinet if you life in Canada. If you want to store it longer, store in the freezer or fridge are optional. However, please make sure to put the tea in an air tight container or ziploc bag to prevent freezer/fridge smell spreading to the tea.

Once you take the tea out from the freezer or fridge, make sure to leave the tea for a while until it returns to normal room temperature before you brew the tea.


What is your Returns Policy?

We do not accept returns or exchanges. If you cancel the order within a short period of time before the order has been shipped, then we can cancel the order. I recommend to email us ASAP. info@momotea.co (not .com)


How does your shipping process work?

Momo Tea ship out orders by Canada Post Priority Express service.  We process the orders average within 1-7 days after you submit the order. Once we ship out from the Canada Post, we send trucking number by email. Please understand it will take 1-6 business days for shipping to arrive at your place.  

Momo Tea will give you $10 off if you order more than $70

Please use coupon code FREEWITH$70

You will see -$10 when you check out

Please understand that If you're ordering from US, shipping fee is $25 and you only get $10 off from the total.


How to brew Japanese Tea properly.

It depends on which tea you brew but most of the Japanese tea doesn’t like boiling hot water.  Our Momo Tea website includes instructions in our “How To” section to help you to properly brew the tea.  Please follow the directions for the best and most flavorful pot of tea.



How can I cancel an order placed online?

Unless the order has already been processed, you may cancel or modify your online order by emailing us at info@momotea.co (not .com)


Is your published pricing in Canadian currency?

Yes, all prices on our web site are displayed and billed in Canadian dollars.