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Horoku 焙烙・Tea Roaster
  • Horoku 焙烙・Tea Roaster

    $32 plus tax($4.16)
    This is a perfect TeaRoaster to roast your Sencha.  I usually use off-aroma Sencha. It is perfect tool to enjoy your tea by addting roasted aroma. Once you roast, Sencha become Hojicha (Roasted Sencha). Tip is... "stop roasting" once you get Hojicha aroma from this pan.
    Dimentions: W14cmxL24cmxH9cm 
    With this Horoku purchase, Momo is happy to set up a private zoon chat and show you how to make Hojicha with this Horoku! (one time only-30 mins) <--optional
    Avobe price is including tax. Product Cost $31 (+tax $4.03) = $35
    Not recommend to use IH, Electric Stove.
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