MATCHA | Momo Koicha ・桃濃茶
  • MATCHA | Momo Koicha ・桃濃茶

    MATCHA | Momo Koicha ・桃濃茶30g | $35
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      Koicha (Thick tea), is the highest grade of Matcha is used in Japanese tea ceremony to make tea with a very thick consistency. It could be described as a “tea espresso”; due to the very high concentration of Matcha to water, the Matcha use for Koicha must contain the very best fresh young Tencha leaves. Making Koicha with good Matcha will produce an incredibly bright green color. The Koicha will be very strong, with a sweet leaf-like flavor. Momo Koicha has been ground up by hand in Uji, Kyoto.