MATCHA | Momo Usucha・桃薄茶
  • MATCHA | Momo Usucha・桃薄茶


    MATCHA | Momo Usucha・桃薄茶 30g | $25

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      Momo Usucha(桃薄茶) Usucha (thin tea) is used in Japanese tea ceremony as well. With Usucha it is essentially normal to use more water than with Koicha. Matcha that is used to make Usucha, therefore, does not need to be as high quality than the tea leaves used in Koicha. Still, Momo Koicha uses fresh young Tencha leaves, grind up by hand in Uji, Kyoto. It is also highly recommend and acceptable to be used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony. After whisking well with a bamboo whisk, Usucha shows bright frothy green foam with a creamy beautiful light green color. Momo Usucha has distinctively sweet, rich and creamy texture with umami.