Okumidori ・ おくみどり
  • Okumidori ・ おくみどり



    From YoshidaMeichaen 吉田銘茶園

    This Sencha is from Uji, Kyoto Japan 



    Cultivars, Okumidori (Literally means “deep green”)

    This tea has its leaves shaded for a week before it is harvested. The shaded period is not as long as Gyokuro but its shaded long enough to get notes of a sweet taste. A week shaded process is a new trend in Uji, Koto. It has a mild and sweet taste with an elegant aroma. Sencha Okumidori is harvested by hand at Yoshida-Meichaenin the middle of May.


    Recommend Steeping method:

    6g 70-8090cc water 1min

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