Shincha (新茶first pick tea) is seasonal, and there are slight differences in the taste every year brought on by differences in weather and temperature. This year, I chose three types of Shincha. 

Two types of Shincha are from Shizuoka.  Fukamushi (long-time steamed) Shincha has a balance of umami.

Regular Shincha has a fresh and sweet aroma.

One from Uji-Kyoto has a fresh spring aroma.

I carry limited stock on Shincha to keep tea stores fresh, and supplies are only available for a short time, when they are sold, there is no more Shincha available in the market.  Shincha steeping method is similar to regular Sencha steeping method (80C & steep 1 min.)

Japanese tea is harvested four times from spring to autumn. The earlier it is harvested; the umami level in the tea will be higher.  Shincha is usually picked during end of April to early May. The later the tea is harvested, the lighter and less aroma it will have. 



Pour boiled water into tea cups. 


*Around 80ml per

 tea cup. 


Put tea leaves into tea pot using 2 to 3g per person.

(2g = 1/2 tbsp)



Once water in tea cups cool to ​80°C/176F pour into teapot.

Wait 1min.  

Pour evenly bit by bit back and forth from cup to cup.


Make sure to pour one last drop into the cup  so that you able to enjoy the second cup as well.


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